Suavecita's New "Roll O Vend" Trailer

Covered in dust and debris from years of neglect we rescued a 55 year old treasure. We packed it up carefully and shipped it to our headquarters in Santa Ana, California... 

Suavecita's New Roll O Vend Trailer

The “Roll O Vend” trailer was a pop up bar trailer originally used by the Coca-Cola company in the late fifties through the early sixties. It was designed to be able to provide customers with great service, great products and to stand out from the crowd. It was set-up around the country at different venues where a cool drink and maybe a snack or two was needed. The “Roll O Vend” is a non-powered trailer with a pop top roof that closed when not in use and hand cranked into an open position when parked. It was a unique design that hasn’t seen it’s equal in the years since.

With help from a great friend to Suavecito Pomade, James Hicks, we rescued this vintage trailer from a Kentucky estate sale. It was a 1961 “Roll O Vend” trailer. We asked James to check it out and purchase the trailer for us if it got his approval. After he gave it a once over and a thumbs up it was then shipped to us here in Santa Ana, California.

Suavecita's New Roll O Vend TrailerOnce we received it we decided it was going to take some work before we could use it proudly during our shows. We sent it to David at Little Shop of Kustoms for a strip and paint but it ended up being a full nut and bolt restoration. David did a great job and it came back to us looking brand new. The crew over there painted it with our signature Suavecito white and pink. Suavecita's New Roll O Vend Trailer

For the final touch we enlisted help from our buddy Matt Egan. He detailed the Suavecita logos on and pampered it for it’s new life. Our trailer will be stocked with Suavecita products and parked at shows around the country.

Be sure to check out its first public appearance on Labor Day weekend this year the 3rd of September for the Ventura Nationals! More details on the show can be found here. We hope to see you there! 

Suavecita's New Roll O Vend Trailer


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