Suavecita's Winter Apparel 2017

It may be winter but did we really see a true change in season? Not really! This winter apparel collection is a mix of six prints on short sleeve tees. The 'Papel Picado' tees are a representation of Mexican folk art. These banners were especially used on altars during Dia De Los Muertos. The 'Mexicana' as well as 'Santa Ana Girl' tees are two beautiful latina pinups in traditional off the shoulder dresses. The 'Mouth Breather' tee took a strange turn; the bold red letters will have you seeing things in another dimension. Lastly, the 'Dolores' tee is inspiration from silent films based out of the 1920s. 

Suavecita Papel Picado Tee
Suavecita Dolores Tee
Suavecita Papel Picado Emerald Tee
Suavecita Mexicana Tee
Suavecita Santa Ana Girl Tee
Suavecita Mouth Breather Tee



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